Reviews for Tom Houghton

"a very accomplished and captivating new Australian novel" - DNA Magazine

"Todd Alexander has created a protagonist who evokes genuine readerly fondness" - The Australian

"a finely paced emotional journey" - Melbourne Review of Books

"A wonderfully immersive novel about facing up to who you are, and who you are not, Tom Houghton will keep you reading late into the night" - Rowena Holloway

"it becomes easy to be absorbed into Tom’s world" - Readings

"There is no doubt in my mind that Tom Houghton is a book that is going to touch the hearts of many, many readers" - Kathryn White

- Good Reads

"Alexander is a gifted storyteller which enables him to deftly weave even the most confronting and uncomfortable events into this engrossing and hard-to-forget tale" - Beachside Bookshop 

"The thing that stood out most for me while reading Tom Houghton was the realness of it, and there’s  an intimacy to it that comes from being able to look so closely at a person’s life" - BitsnBooks

"An absolute delight to read, that will pull at your heart strings" - Amanda Jane

"Cleverly crafted and with characters that walk straight off the page, Todd Alexander’s second novel is a masterpiece of self ­discovery" - Better Reading

"frank and tender... Alexander writes convincingly and emphatically" - Gleebooks

"Such is the life Alexander has breathed into his characters, I found myself thinking of him when I wasn’t reading the book and he stayed with me long after I finished. Tom Houghton truly is an inspiring read" - CargoART Magazine

"one of the finest Australian novels I've read this year" - Bookseller & Publisher 

"a humorous, easy-to-read page turner" - The West Australian

"A powerful, breathtaking new novel" - Australian Independent Bookseller

"a fascinating story" - Out In Perth

"Mr Alexander is an excellent writer" - Tahlia Newland

"Clever, raw, and heartbreakingly sad at times. Tom Houghton will give you a soulful book hangover." - Duffy The Writer

"a captivating read with echoes of a confronting and heartfelt Christos Tsiolkas" - Book Bonding

"Mesmerising, haunting, sad, this story seems so real-life and tragic ... Tom Houghton will stay with me long after I've closed the book." - Jeannette, NetGalley

"Confrontational, riveting, emotional and totally engrossing" - Blue Wolf Reviews

"encourages introspection in ways not seen for quite some time" - Student Edge Book Club

"Alexander creates memorable characters that you will care deeply for" - Sam Still Reading

"an exciting new coming of age story from Todd Alexander" - Michael Kitto