Pictures of Us

Maggie Apperton's family appears functional enough. She has two grown-up children who she has fairly regular contact with and her husband Marcus has built up a successful business. When Marcus dies unexpectedly, Maggie attempts to forge a stronger bond with her children, who, she begins to realise, she barely knows.

Isabel has lived in Paris for ten years and her letters home are impersonal. Patrick lives in the city and spends more time with his dog Leroy whenever he does return home. Each has a reason for wanting to keep their distance, but will Maggie be strong enough to listen to what they have to say?

Pictures of Us is an intriguing exploration of the darker side of family life, what happens when long-guarded secrets begin to surface, the bond between parents and children, and how love and trust are sometimes stretched to the limit.

"An interesting exploration of the darker side of family life" – Sun Herald

"This debut novel by young Sydney writer Todd Alexander is an enjoyable read, mainly due to the clever way he weaves mystery and intrigue into the plot about a dysfunctional family." –Sydney Morning Herald

"Compelling first novel" – Weekend Australian

"Tightly crafted" – The Age

"One of this year's most anticipated local releases" – The Sunday Telegraph

Published by Hachette Livre Australia

Trade Paperback released March, 2006
[ISBN 978-073-362029-4 (0733620299)]

B Format released April, 2007 
[ISBN 978-073-362196-3 (0733621961)]

CD Audio Book [ISBN 0 7320 3189 3]

Tape Audio Book [ISBN 0 7320 3188 5]